Game Jam Games

These are game jam projects which did survive the test of time! (i.e. I have the exe files and, they are still playable)

Fast-paced and deadly… The sport of the future!

A short room escape game


Be the Coderman. Be the best.

Fix stuff with a hammer!

A (very) short J-RPG developed for Game Developers Session Prague Game Jam 2019.

This is a side-scroller platformer in a world shaped like a Rubik’s Cube.

This game was developed for Game Developers Session Prague 2018 game jam. We were inspired by Super Karoshi.

Navigate through old-school-maze-like levels, find enough power cells to power up escape pads and outrun energy draining viruses.

Experience the classic chess game without the boring parts: waiting for your turn and thinking too much.

This is a prototype for the sequel of Alchemist’s Castle.

You have to keep your projects afloat by using special skills.

Your opponents will try to push you with seismic waves to your doom. Try to dodge their attacks and deliver the orb to The Light for an extra life.

Collect souls -> unlock upgrades -> repeat

Two players control minions (ghosts) and have to bring hearts to their boss.