Devlog: Everything is Going According to Plan


  1. Everything is fine
  2. No, really!
  3. But I still have ambitions
  4. And I released a game

This is new

Right… Nothing major has happened. Huh… So that’s how it feels!

To be fair, I had stable jobs before. But at a time, I knew I would be moving somewhere else. Turkey’s political situation does not inspire confidence, to put it mildly. While Czechia was much better, it had lots of shortcomings of its own. The Netherlands, however, is one of the best places to live. I can imagine retiring, growing old, and living happily in this country. No wars, military coups, no potential for becoming a sheriat state, and most importantly very nice and very polite people. I don’t know what else I can ask for!

Just one more thing

Alright, you got me. I lied! I know what else I can ask for: it is fame and glory, of course! My ambition to develop awesome games is still there. But now I can focus on improving my skills!

Speaking of developing games, I managed to release Super Drift Racer on PlayStore. And I even wrote a postmortem. Check it out! Now if I can kick the rest of the team to finish up Bumper Tanks, I will have time and mental capacity for other projects!

Remember TODO?

Let’s see if I managed to stick to my goals from the last month. While it wasn’t much I didn’t manage to complete it.

I did learn enough CSS to understand what’s going on with UI Toolkit. My previous attempts at diving at UI Toolkit headfirst failed miserably because I didn’t know how CSS works. Once I finished up a 7-hour course everything got clear! To everyone who wants to learn it (and I highly suggest you do), I recommend starting with this course first:

As for the UI Toolkit itself, I took GameDevTv’s Unity UIToolkit: Introduction To Editor Scripting course on Udemy. GameDevTv is great in general. You can’t go wrong with any of their courses!

While I haven’t updated any of my existing projects with UI Toolkit yet, I started to use it in the ones I’m currently working on. And it is a fantastic replacement for the archaic OnGui stuff!

Overall I think I mostly achieved my goals from the last month.


Bumper Tanks is almost ready for release! There are only a few things left to do, most of which are not related to me. So I have to nag relevant teammates to push it out of the gate. My main goal for this month will be to finish Bumper Tanks and to have a concrete release date.

Meanwhile, you can help by adding it to your wishlist:

See you in a month!

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