Devlog: Not Great, Not Terrible


  1. Bumper Tanks is still WIP
  2. I need to make some money

Nagging people is hard…

Last month I thought of setting my bar a bit low. How hard can it be to set a release date for an almost-finished game? Not hard at all. Sticking to the set date, however, is another story.


After I published my last devlog, I pinged my teammates. We had a meeting and everyone agreed we could release it on the 11th of August. Today is the fifth, and I can confidently say this is not happening. Apparently, real life is a thing. Not everyone has time for a side project. Nevertheless, I’m reasonably certain we can push it out of the gate within a month. So having a release date or a released game is still on my TODO list for this month.

Time to make some money

The most important thing motivating me to push the Bumper Tanks out of the gate is moving. By the end of this year, I need to move out. And preferably move into somewhere closer to Alkmaar, where my current office is. This is not a cheap endeavor. According to my estimates, I will need somewhere between 6000 and 9000 euros to do this. So releasing Bumper Tanks on Steam will help a lot.


Another potential source of income is web games. I won’t go into much detail until I see if it works. But I’m working on a small chess-based puzzle game, which can bring me somewhere between 1000 – 2000 euros. At least, that’s the theory. If everything goes according to plan, I will have exciting news for those interested in making extra cash with small-scoped games.


Once again, I will try to set a relatively low bar for myself. Even though releasing Bumper Tanks is mostly out of my hands at this point, I think I can “motivate” people to put in some effort. And since the chess project depends solely on me, I feel confident about its release. So here is the list:

  1. Release Bumper Tanks
    • At the very least have a release date of September
  2. Finish the chess game
  3. Make some money from the chess game

Meanwhile, feel free to add Bumper Tanks to your wishlist. It will help a lot!

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